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2017 ASA Playing Rule Changes - Download PDF

Anyone interested in umpiring slowpitch please contact one of the board officers located on the “contact page” of this website.  We are always looking for anyone interested in becoming an umpire for either sport.  We offer training and mentoring for all interested in becoming an umpire.



  To All,

Please go to the website, and log in with your user name and password from last year.  Go to the background tab at the bottom of the page and click on the link to purchase it and you can get it done.  It will cost $9.00 and all you need is the background check.  You don’t need the ACE certification.  As always you’ll need to show me your receipt of purchase or your new card when you get it.  Then I can add you to the registration for the next season.

I’ll see you next year when the meetings start.  Call or email me if you have any questions.

Glenn Brown, WASA Dist. 15 UIC

Skagit Valley Softball Umpires Association welcomes newly elected boards members from 2015 Elections.

President  - Josh Lloyd

Association Umpire in Chief - Randy James

Secretary - Jennifer Smith

Member At Large - J.P. Simonsen

Skagit Valley Softball Umpires Association welcomes returning board member from 2015 Elections.

Treasurer & Assigner - Dave DeKlyen

Congratulations to all our board members for helping promote and direct the future of softball in the greater Skagit Valley, Washington.




SVSUA Year End Banquet Notice

There was a decision made to hold a banquet on November 3rd at Lorenzo's. Tentative schedule is for a "happy hour" from 5:30 - 6:30, with dinner at 6:30, followed by the presentation of the Most Improved, Rookie of the Year, and True Blue awards. As in years past, the Association will be paying for dinner and non-alcoholic drinks for members, with members being responsible for the cost of their guests. In order to know how much food will need to be ordered, please RSVP no later than October 27th.

Our newest SVSUA Board Members are:
President - Ralph Powers (2-year term)

Secretary - Steve Mueller (2-year term)

Treasurer - Jim Martin (1-year completion of current term)

UIC - Glenn Brown (1-year completion of current term)

Member-at-Large - Carl Carrothers (1-year term)

From SVSUA President Ralph Powers

I want to thank the membership for your support in the recent elections. I am excited about the opportunity to work with the new SVSUA Board and members. We will be focusing on recruiting, training, leadership and relationships. This is not just one person working toward these goals, but the entire membership. We have a VERY GOOD group of umpires, but we all (myself included) need to ask ourselves, what could I do to be even better?


In addition to honoring eight individuals with their induction into the National Softball Hall of Fame, the Class of 2018 was also announced following the conclusion of the Hall of Fame Committee meeting earlier in the day. The Class of 2018 inductees include: Dick Brubaker (Fast Pitch Player), Crystl Bustos (Fast Pitch Player), John Daniels (Sponsor), Ricky Huggins (Slow Pitch Player), Todd Joerling (Slow Pitch Player), Bill Silves (Umpire), Christa Williams (Fast Pitch Player), Charles Wright (Slow Pitch Player).
The National Softball Hall of Fame is the ultimate goal for any player, coach, umpire or administrator who aspire to greatness in the sport. With less than 400 inductees, the National Softball Hall of Fame is among the most difficult sports halls in the nation in which to gain membership.