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2019 SVSUA Umpire Meeting and Training Schedule Download PDF Here    

2019 USA Softball Rule Changes with Comments as of November 11, 2018  - Download PDF  

2019 USA Softball Rules Clarifications and Play - Link to Website page  

Anyone interested in umpiring Adult Slow Pitch or High School and USA Softball Fast Pitch games please contact one of the board officers located on the contact page of this website.  We are always looking for anyone interested in becoming an umpire for either sport.  We offer training and mentoring for all interested in becoming an umpire.

The startup cost are low and softball umpiring can be a great part time second income.  Adult slow pitch softball league games start in April and the season last through September.  In 2018 there were umpires who held full time jobs and umpired on there days off and made over $2500 for the season.




Please go to the website   and log in with your user name and password from last year.  Go to the background tab at the bottom of the page and click on the link to purchase it and you can get it done.  It will cost $9.00 and all you need is the background check.  You don’t need the ACE certification.  As always you’ll need to show me your receipt of purchase or your new card when you get it.  Then I can add you to the registration for the next season.

I’ll see you in 2019 when the meetings start. Call or email me if you have any questions.

Glenn Brown, WASA Dist. 15 UIC